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Multiple Data Sources

Centralize data about competitors prices, promotions, advertising, social media, email marketing, and much more.

Smart Pricing

Obtain optimizations and recommendations per time period, per item, per store. Set optimal prices in order to respond to market changes in real-time.

Personalized Alarms

Set alarms and get notified about your competitors campaigns or price reductions.

Predictive Analytics

Plan your inventory, replenishment management and marketing strategies in addition to minimize risk and uncertainty.

Every retailer wishes to have the right product at the right place with the best price.

Inventory Management

Help retailers allocate the right products to the right store at the right time and avoid product waste.

Retail Location Selection

Forecast the potential revenue for a selected store location based on demographics, competitive activity, customer purchase power and purchase behaviours.

Competitive Market

Make better predictions to control spending and increase returns.


Know when you need to start stocking and discontinuing product lines.


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